Aechelon Technology's C-Genesis™ family of COTS PC-based tools comprise the database generation system (DBGS) for the pC-Nova™ and C-Nova™ Image Generator Products. C- Genesis™ enables fast and efficient creation, editing, and management of geospecific databases for the pC-Nova™ Image Generator platform. Tools allow the user to import and modify elevation, georeferenced texture, and model data, in addition to precisely controlling their integration into the runtime database.

The C-Genesis DBGS has four primary components:

The C-Genesis toolset is structured so that layered databases can be managed at all levels. Categorical or spatial data layers can be managed separately as needed due to security restrictions or collaboration in database creation.

The C-Genesis Feature Planting Tool supports rapid, interactive population of a runtime database with both generic and geospecific feature models. Feature models are planted directly in the pC-Nova™ image generator environment, allowing for runtime preview prior to IG update.

Supported features include:

The C-Genesis Terrain Imagery Processor (TIP) processes raster imagery into the pC-NOVA runtime geotexture format, supporting Out-The-Window (OTW), generalized Sensor, and Radar geotexture formats.

The geotexture format generated by the TIP supports varying degrees of fidelity across the database, dependent upon source data inputs. Imagery may be supplied at differing resolutions, allowing areas of interest to exist at higher resolution than lower resolution base imagery. The created geotexture only stores high-resolution texels for a given resolution level as necessary where data is available, optimizing the amount of storage used. Submeter data is supported by the tool and the pC-Nova runtime IG.

Supported features include:

The Terrain Elevation Processor (TEP) generates pC-Nova's adaptively sampled, multiple level-of-detail (LOD) terrain runtime format from GeoTIFF or generic binary mosaiced elevation data.

Supported features include:

The C-Genesis Portable Source Publishing Tool manages publishing of Naval Simulation Master Plan Portable Source datasets. Feature Vector Shapefiles and OpenFlight User Models are published directly to the pC-NOVA runtime format, while digital elevation data and geospecific texture conversion are managed with the C-Genesis Terrain Elevation Processor and Terrain Imagery Processor, respectively.

Supported features include:

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